Half Marathon Course

Race starts at 8am

  • Mile 1.1 Water, Port-a-john
  • Mile 3.3 Water, Port-a-john and fruit
  • Mile 5.3 Water, Gatorade and Port-a-john
  • Mile 7.3 Water, Port-a-john and fruit
  • Mile 9.8 Water, Port-a-john
  • Mile 11.6 Water, Port-a-john

5K Course

Race starts at 9am

There is an Aid Station with water at Mile 1.3 as well as a Port-a-John .

10K Course

Race starts at 8:45am

Aid Stations can be found at Mile 1.1 and Mile 5.1


Course Aid ends at 11:00 a.m.  Timing will continue to time runners until everyone is in but if you are running later than the 11am cut off you will need to move to the sidewalk and stop for traffic.  At 11:00 am, the traffic controls on the course will cease. Those remaining on the course can still proceed but should travel on sidewalks and stop at all traffic lights.

There is no time limit for either the 1K Kids Hill climb or the Marshmallow Dash.

Please read carefully:

  • I want to remind everyone that the courses are open to traffic. Repeat. The course is not completely closed to traffic. Please, be mindful of traffic, stay to the right side of the road as much as possible and do not run more than two (2) abreast if you can help it. STAY AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE and run in the direction of traffic.
  • All course marshal volunteers will be wearing orange vests. In case of emergency during the race, please notify the nearest volunteer/APD AND call 911.
  • Finally, it is a winter race, so please keep your eye on the Weather Channel and dress appropriately. If we have a weather emergency, our website’s main page and Facebook page will be updated and emails will go out.
Oktoberfest half Marathon mile 12 inspiration

Marshmallow Dash Course

Race starts at 8:15am

1K Kids Hill Climb Course

Race starts at 8:20am